Visual Nuts exists to deliver bold technical solutions, from sunny Lisbon. We work in close proximity with partners around the world.

Every team member is responsible for a part of the development and my job is to ensure quality. If I guarantee quality at every single task, I will ensure quality at development and project itself.

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These are for me the most important steps in quality assurance and the ones I follow.


When there are new tasks, I normally take time to look where each task will be involved in. These tasks could affect previous developments and I need to think of all possible scenarios to be able to discover edge cases. It’s like having a higher picture of the development.


Looking at the previous analysis, it’s time to think about the scenarios. Scenarios are different from each other and all of them are important to guarantee the development quality.

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When I remember my journey as a Frontend Developer at Visual Nuts, I have to reinforce the importance given to the technology without ever forgetting the business component inherent in the project or product. Visual allowed me to know the entire development process in the implementation of an app, from the definition of the application’s architecture to its release in production. Not only that but, everyone in the team is integrated in the decision making, engaged in whole product lifecycle.

“This also demonstrates how this company trusts and gives confidence to its employees.”

At this moment I am integrated in…

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Being part of Visual Nuts’ team has given me enough tools to complete today’s task: sharing an inside view of the company, directly from my non-technological point of view.

To get this out the way: yes. We’re Nuts about technology.

This is not only part of our name, but our motto.

Every member of this company has a passion for technology. It’s the one biggest requirement we make sure everyone fulfils. Whether you are an engineer, a salesperson or a human resources team member, you’ll need to immerge in the tech world (and embrace it).

So… What do we do exactly?

We work in close proximity with our partners, with business value in mind, delivering bold technical solutions at the forefront of what’s possible. We have three different…

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